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Updated: Jan 22, 2019

January 21, 2019

My family and I had SNOW much fun last weekend with the thirteen inches of snow that came down in Columbia, Maryland. Snow days are much better through the eyes of a child. As a lifestyle photographer, I feel joy capturing the memories we make as a family. Scroll down for the behind the scenes and total mom moment.

It takes time for my daughter to "warm up" to snow. With over a foot of snow, she needed lots of help walking. We were able to throw a few snowballs at my husband and build a little snowman. She did NOT want to make a snow angel which I was not too surprised about since it took her till last March to get the guts to lay and make one last year. Hopefully with our next snow I will be prepared with a sled. Who remembers searching for the most perfect spot and sledding for hours as kids?

Our first snowman of the year had M&M's as buttons. Since we have been reading Snowmen at Night during her bedtime routine, she looks outside each day to see how her snowman looks. Note to self: Do not use M&M's.

Snow days are also best with friends. The second day in the snow went like you'd expected with toddlers. We spent thirty minutes to get the girls ready for the snow and they lasted about five minutes outside. They are often mixed up as sisters with their tiffs and makeups. The image below was one of those make ups after the other wouldn't return a hug.


Photographing in the snow brings a lot of elements especially when photographing a toddler. I normally have a pack of Boogie Wipes whenever I do photo sessions. Since I was photographing my family, I had my camera, my daughter, and my husband around to help assist. I'm pretty sure these three images sum up what it is like to photograph a toddler.

Step 1: Persuade toddler to take image with you

Step 2: Inspect toddler to make sure they are clean

Step 3: Clean all the boogers

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Love the snow? Let's setup a lifestyle or portrait session. Contact me at Christina@ctundophotography.com.

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